“Sarah Simmons not only had a touching personal story to share, but she had a voice of an angel. Singing Joan Osborne’s ‘One of Us’, Simmons had all four coaches screaming to join their team. Usher praised her “conviction and passion”, while Shakira was impressed by the texture of Simmons’ voice. “You might be in my top three singers I’ve heard audition for ‘The Voice’”, Shelton said. The front runner opted for Levine after his belief that she could “150 percent win this show.”


Sarah Simmons’ ‘Wanted You More’ wins final battle round on “The Voice” - “Sarah you woke the whole room up with your voice and really did an incredible job,” said Usher. “Sarah, there’s an effortlessness when you sing that’s so impossible at the same time,” said Levine. Blake Shelton vowed to support Sarah. At the same time, he admitted that he’s actually worried about his own team. “As a fan of this show I’m going to buy all of Sarah’s music. As a coach, she’s definitely a problem for me,” said Shelton.


“The best of the night was fan favorite Sarah Simmons. She impressed coach Adam (and the rest of the world) with a Sarah McLaughlin Classic hit, “Angels”. And impress she did! Blake called the performance “angelic” and told his team to “do that” when they hit the stage. When Adam spoke about Sarah, he couldn’t be more proud. First he thanked the judges for their sweet comments. Then he explained the silence in the room during her performance. “I felt the stillness in this room, because everybody was so completely enamored with what you were doing that they just couldn’t speak. I really believe that. At the end of the day you are one of the most incredible singers to listen to, I’ve ever heard in my life.”


“Sarah pushed the envelope this week by singing more of a rocker song that allowed her to place major emphasis on the raw power of her vocals. Blake Shelton thanked Sarah for showing the full spectrum of her vocals and Shakira told her that she believes her song choice suited her voice and personality,. Sarah’s coach Adam complimented the diversity of her vocal range and said that she’s one of the best vocalists he’s ever had on his team.”